Now the iPhone 7 includes a stereo speaker systems -


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Friday, 9 September 2016

Now the iPhone 7 includes a stereo speaker systems

Yesterday was held the press event organized by Apple to introduce the Apple Watch series 2 and iPhone 7, among other things. The highlight of the event came when the stereo which now incorporates the iPhone 7 Sound details of the new line of smartphones were unveiled, including.

With the arrival of the iPhone line 7 Apple has implemented in the device for the first time, a stereo audio system. The company has not published specifications speaker system yet, but claims that these deliver twice the speaker volume iPhone 6s, in addition to providing a greater dynamic range.

However, in the iPhone 7 Plus a greater distance between the speakers than the base model, but this does not mean more problems when listening to audio through the speakers is presented.

Moreover, the new line of smartphones has not included the typical headphone minijack connector, these being replaced by a lightning connector. This has caused some consternation to users, because from now can not use directly your headphones to the analog connector, but the good thing about all this is that Apple has decided to incorporate an adapter lightning to minijack for smartphone .

The Cupertino company has put much confidence in the Lightning connector for audio and other functions, as it provides a higher audio bit rate (of no use if playing files with loss of quality as mp3, wma and ogg) and lossless transmission to external devices.

Finally, note the arrival of the "AirPods" which was given sooner than expected. These wireless headsets will have a chip W1 highly energy-efficient and also provide good quality audio and therefore pristine audio channels well defined. It seems that Apple is betting heavily wireless connectivity, you just have to wait to see the performance of AirPods in the hands of ordinary users.

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