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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Philips Overflowing market with its wide range of Bluetooth Speakers

IFA Berlin this year has brought us great products to today's world. Not only the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were presented in society. One brand that more devices Philips has been presented. After many years focused on the television section, we now bring great jewels of wireless audio.

One of the hallmarks of Philips this year will be the sound. They have already presented, along with Onkyo and Gibson, best wired and wireless headphones , and now it is the turn to the speakers. With Bluetooth technology booming more than ever, Philips knows what it does and brings us this news.

Philips Pixel Pop (BT110)

The first alternative to other companies is this little speaker with Bluetooth technology and free Jack 3.5mm presented in 4 colors (white camouflage, black, red and blue). With a battery life of up to 8 hours with IPX4 splash protection protocol, we will not have problems to take the field, beach, mountain, etc. In addition, it also has microphone with which to converse during a call. With its power of 4W RMS you are going to spare.

Buy it at Amazon From 36.91 euros (RRP 39 euros)

Philips ShoqBox (SB300)

Similar to the previous speaker, although in a single color (black) and two integrated LEDs. A speaker can survive immersion up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes, thanks to its protection IPX7. In addition, the casing protects it from any accidental fall. Its power 4W RMS is sufficient, as its battery lasts 8 hours continuous playback. Use Bluetooth and 3.5mm Jack to run, and can make calls thanks to its integrated microphone. It is an evolution of the BT2200.

PVP 49 euros

Philips NTX400

This device sends ride any other self - respecting speaker. With supreme power of 1000W RMS, you can assemble your own festivals anywhere. In addition, you can connect any player sound system via Bluetooth, 3.5mm Jack, NFC, USB and CD. It will let you have a CD to USB directly. Your autoamplificador turn anywhere into a real party. In addition, you will not need any light, because the speaker incorporates a lot of colored LEDs that will go to the beat of the music that you play.

Buy it at Amazon 515.33 euros (RRP $ 499)

Philips 'izzy' multiroom

We walked home and we have our favorite music playing the music style of a supermarket around the house. In the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the living room, in your room ... now possible thanks to the izzylink technology that has presented Philips at IFA 2016 can connect a total of 5 speakers, whatever the model, provided you have built this way of matching. Here we present all options.

Philips izzy BM5

A medium-sized Bluetooth speaker and minimalist look. Very simple to use, you can connect any Bluetooth devices and listen to your music in stereo and 2.1 quality through both speakers and woofer incorporating. We can match 5 of these speakers WiFi, through izzylink technology to create our theater and sound at home. We have it in 2 colors (black and white). It has a battery whose estimated duration is 8 hours.

Buy it at Amazon 99.10 euros (RRP 129 euros)

Philips izzy BM6

Slimmest previous sibling, this BM6 incorporates IPX4 splash protection, a battery lasting up to 8 hours and the possibility to match up to 5 speakers with the same sound, thanks to izzylink. The two speakers are incorporating a power of 7.5W RMS, more than enough for a large room. A compact and slim size not out of tune at all in any room of the house.

Buy it at Amazon 167.82 euros (RRP 179 euros)

Philips izzy BM7

This could be considered the older brother of BM5. With a similar though larger aesthetics, this BM7 offers greater power output thanks to its 2 woofer, a trumpet dedicated to acute and 2/2 speakers. Bluetooth and NFC connection ( in addition to the Jack 3.5mm rear), you will not have problems to match your devices. This also can be paired with up to 5 other speakers. Dedicated to larger rooms, the BM7 is the alternative to a stereo from before.

PVP 229 euros

Philips izzy BM50

As was the case with the large double speaker NTX400, this BM50 also incorporates CD player. In addition to that, it includes FB Radio and USB connection. Let's not forget the Bluetooth. We can also pair this device with others with izzylink Philips technology. Its power of 40W RMS is sufficient for small, medium and large room. We can even attach it to the wall with an anchor. Its battery will keep it active for more than 10 hours.

Buy it at Amazon 250 euros (RRP 279 euros)

Philips izzy BM60

The stereo is not dead, gentlemen. Philips brings us one of his best weapons to resurrect these devices. Available CD player, FM, Bluetooth, USB and 3.5mm Jack radio. It is divided into a central unit, where everything important is baked, and two separate speakers, each of 65W RMS (130W RMS total) that achieve a quality enough to set your own power parties with friends. Like others in the same range, we can also match up to 5 speakers with izzylink.

Philips Fidelio izzy BM90

And we come to the jewel in the crown. With a power 200W RMS, this column functions as a sound system 3.1. Thanks to its USB connection, Bluetooth, FM radio and CD player, we all possibilities covered. Izzylink with technology we can connect up to 5 speakers at home to generate a full surround sound. A couple of these in the classroom, and you have the home theater.

Buy it at Amazon 623.97 euros (RRP 599 euros)
Philips has not put aside the TV, but now wanted to focus on the sound, a section of technology to which only a few resources devoted so far. The new 'izzy multiroom' range brings the ability to link up to 5 speakers with different characteristics. Power, portability in any of the options and beauty in all of them.

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