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Monday, 5 September 2016

Phone 7 would come in two different blacks

The countdown to officially unveil the iPhone 7. As only a couple of days and keep coming to light rumors and last minute leaks. On this occasion, some stickers test reveal that the iPhone 7 will be available in two different shades of black.

IPhone is expected to bring major changes in July internally , such as Apple A10 processor, IPX7 water resistance or rear 12 megapixel camera. However, on the outside of the design will not have many changes, except for small details such as the position of the line of antennas or the addition of a new housing color.

A tweet posted by @the_malignant last Saturday shows a pair of bumper test two prototype iPhone 7. One of the stickers was for an iPhone 7 128GB in dark black color with matte finish, while the other was for the model 256GB piano black gloss finish.

Black matte and glossy black, the two new shades iPhone 7

Both show the D10 stickers code that refers to the prototype. According to rumors Apple had three prototypes: D10, D11 and D12, which correspond with the iPhone 7, 7 Pro Plus and 7, respectively.

Thus, both stickers would match the iPhone 7 and two - tone black different where you could choose the future Apple smartphone. Of course, if these two colors are finally available for the iPhone 7 almost certainly also they would be for the larger model.

If you look at these test labels, it is possible that each of the tones were available depending on storage, but for the moment there is nothing confirmed. And as they say the guys at PhoneArena , the 128GB model would be in black matte, while the 256GB model would be a black shiny finish.

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