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Monday, 19 September 2016

Play videos from YouTube and other web videos from Safari for iPhone with IOS 10

All users who have installed iOS 10 in your iPhone, you should know that the Safari browser has not had major improvements, like other Apple applications, this does not mean that the browser is not working properly, and does not mean that, do not exist some tricks that can get to make your experience when surfing the internet on something just extraordinary.

The new iOS 10 gives you the opportunity to play videos online using Safari, both on your iPhone and your iPad, without any problem, although in the case of the iPad, it was possible for quite a while back but also iOS 10 gives you the advantage to enjoy videos from sites like YouTube, even while using the multitasking feature in Safari.

Although many may think that this procedure is very simple, the truth is that it is not so, and with this account, you are presented a series of steps to help him perform this procedure in an easy way.

Playing YouTube videos online from the iPhone

  1.     Run Safari on your iPhone or iPad, then enter any website that has a video, preferably go to, which is the mobile version of YouTube
  2.     When you visit the page must click on a video, proceed to play the video to enter fullscreen, this will show the playback controls, in order to exit full screen mode all you have to do is press the Done button, but if you want to continue watching video online two-finger tap anywhere on the video and then bring them
  3.     This will make the video exit full screen mode, and online video will continue to play even as you scroll down the page. 

Although pointed to the favorite page of all to watch any video, ie YouTube, this trick works not only on this page, this will work on any other page that plays videos using HTML5.

Although there are some details regarding Safari and this particular function, such as the videos that have a "playsinline" which was recently added to the HTML specifications, this video will be played with this feature by default, attribute if otherwise, Safari will play the video in full screen mode, and you can use the steps presented above to use the function.

It is noteworthy that, while performing other tasks the audio of the video will continue to play, that is, you can still hear the video you select without problems even though you are not seeing directly, for example, can play some podcasts from Safari, begin to hear and continue using your device for other tasks such as chat.

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