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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Pokémon GO is compatible with the Apple Watch!

In addition to Super Mario Run, another surprise that Apple had prepared for today it has been associated with GO Pokémon because Niantic hand have announced that the game will soon be compatible with the Apple Watch.

As for the application itself, does everything we could expect, that is, show us the nearby Pokémon, warn us of the appearance of a wild Pokémon, hatching and notify hatching from an egg and even collect objects from Poképaradas.

Thus, all that we have an Apple Watch will not have to make use of Pokémon GO Plus accessory that although it can perform virtually the same actions, only has a LED light and a small vibration to alert us of any event.

Moreover, it seems that this is an exclusive agreement with Apple, so Android Wear users will have to settle Pokémon Go Plus accessory , which will be released on September 23 at a price of € 34.95.

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