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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Portrait Photography 100 Percent blur Like a DSLR Camers with iPhone 7 Plus

Update your photo taken with the iPhone 7 Plus using Portrait mode that comes with iOS 10.1 Developer Beta 1, watch it, watch it before I'll explain it again.

This photo taken with the iPhone 7 Plus without further customize it.

All right, let's preview to watch a full 10 and then some would distinguish it from the Portrait mode iPhone 7 Plus it can do. This time I insert a comment that many. May not make it.

Mode "Portrait" obviously blurred background (Depth Effect) is still in the test. This will release an update to the iPhone 7 Plus users at the end of this year.

  • Portrait mode is available only with iPhone 7 Plus selectable from the main camera of the iOS app does not need to install anything extra.
  • Only available with rear camera Front camera is not working
  • An update to iOS 10.1 before using this mode, it is still a test version 10.1 is now available for developers only.
  • Portrait mode is used in telephoto shooting, which stood in the shooting 1x We may have to go back out again.
  • Portrait mode using the software to help it.
  • Portrait photography is not to stand too close to the subject.
  • Portrait photographs are then stored in a specified word Portrait Photos taken in HDR like it.
  • Portrait Photography requires light to be enough. If it does not work very dark to me. System that attempts to sue for more light.

This is the opinion after the Portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus I really wanted to let everyone know how it is.

iPhone 7, 7 Plus will be launched in late October 2559 release date and price are still unknown.

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