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Friday, 30 September 2016

Quickly Taking photos with your iPhone in iOS 10

Let me guess. You're here because you do not find the camera icon that used to appear on the lock screen of your iPhone. Can be? If so, do not worry, there is a new , simpler method. If I'm wrong, you're an expert on iOS and we're glad to have readers like you.

Apple has not only completely redesigned the user interface of your Lock Screen , their rich Notifications , and its Control Center in iOS 10. It also changed the way in which users can take pictures quickly with iPhone iOS 10.

But on the other hand, it is also true that Apple has done some things wrong. The Control Center needs more functions to be perfect, and the lock screen contains several errors as a result of the struggle of the company to continue innovating in software iOS 10.

But let's stick to the tutorial that concerns us today. Read on to discover how to take pictures more quickly on your iPhone with iOS 10 installed.

How to take pictures quickly in iOS 10

Probably still you not have noticed, but the iOS lock screen 10 three tiny icons now appear at the bottom of the user interface. These three buttons are in the Today view widgets (what a name, Apple ...), to the home screen with the date and time, and camera.

So, if you slide your finger right on the lock screen will access the iOS widgets panel 10. But if slide your finger left we can quickly take a picture. It 's that easy! And to close the chamber and return to the lock screen? Pressing the Home button! 😉

Many / as you / as and you will know but many new users of IOS 10 have recently bought an Apple device, if you swipe from the top down will open the Notifications Center of IOS 10. And if you slide from below up finger gain access to the Control Center. This is the Apple screen lock, intuitive, and productive.

Finally, it is interesting to remind users that you can disable these features or shortcuts from Settings> Touch ID and Code in the "Allow access while locked".

We hope this tutorial useful explanatory you has been helpful. If you have any questions you can share it in the comments field and in social networks.

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