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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Recording a telephone conversation on the iPhone without jailbreak

For what purpose you were not going to record telephone conversations on the iPhone without Departmental not pass. IOS is not anticipated the possibility of keeping track of "outside the box". IPhone can connect the recorder or special to jailbreak and use the application from Cydia. The company Epic Enterprises has launched a new service that allows you to record telephone conversations on iPhone effortlessly.

Application under the name of TapeACall is positioned as one of the most accessible and affordable solutions recording of telephone conversations in iOS. On the basis of the work of service, it is a technology conference. To record the conversation should open the application, call the "service" of the room, after dialing the telephone number of the person you want to connect, and combine calls.

Similarly, we must do in the case of incoming calls. To record a conversation on the iPhone, you must answer the call, after the TapeACall application opens and click on the record button. The application will automatically dial the "service" of the room, and only users will click to create a conference call button.

Using fairly simple TapeACall, however, it pays to consider some nuances. In particular, calls to "service" room, which allows you to record conversations, billed mobile operator. To reduce the cost of service creators have opened dozens of "service" room. At least one of them in each country in which TapeACall is available (in Russia, the authors launched several numbers).

Developers have also noted that, in some cases, users may experience problems with joining calls. Normally, for resolution it is necessary to wait 15 to 30 seconds after the creation button the call is active. In particular, in the Yota there is a delay of about 10 seconds.

As for the records, at the end of the call, they are automatically stored in the application, and almost immediately you can listen freely.

In TapeACall no hidden charges: in fact, users can use the service without time limit. However, in this case, a playback limitation call limited to only 1 minute. To access a complete record of users, you must purchase a subscription.

Download TapeACall in free and paid versions.

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