Removes SMS and iMessages from the lock screen of iOS with MadridDelete (jailbreak)

If you want to delete SMS and iMessages from the lock screen or from the notification center, we present MadridDelete a jailbreak tweak that will help in the process of deleting messages easily.

While you can delete notifications and messages can be marked as read, as usual, has never been able to delete a message from the lock screen or from the notification center, so far.

After installing this tweak jailbreak, should slide to the left in a notice of application messages to see a new button "Delete" in red, right next to the blue button typical response.

Even if you're not on the lock screen, the tweak still operates from the notification center, so it will only touch slide left any message notification to display the same red delete button.

MadridDelete no options to configure, so once installed the tweak, you can start deleting messages in the lock screen or notification center.

To install the tweak however, there are some additional steps to take. Unfortunately, it is not available in any of the repositories Cydia by default, so you have to add an extra repository to get it. To do this, follow these steps:

  •     Open Cydia and go to the tab of sources.
  •     Click the "Edit" button and then click on the "Add" button.
  •     In the text field of the pop-up window that appears, type the following URL repository:
  •     Press "Add Source" and wait to load the repository in Cydia.
  •     You should now be able to search and install from Cydia free MadridDelete 
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