Reports indicate that the iPhone 7 will support 4K recording 60 frames -


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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Reports indicate that the iPhone 7 will support 4K recording 60 frames

New news comes on the iPhone 7 who will be released to the public this coming September 7; apparently, the ability to record 4K video at 60 frames per second will be added, in addition also reports indicate that the device would have a touch - sensitive Home button; Apple devastate the market if it comes true.

The new iPhone will first water resistance, and this according to reports, would include protection for the SIM card, a rubber cover to prevent liquid from damaging part of this. Even, thanks to the source, who is hte Tin, has learned that Apple will use the Home button in touch format.

That said, users only have to lay his finger on it, without requiring a click. This would mean a total renovation for the iPhone, who from the beginning has opted for the solution of a "common" button, but of course, keep the Touch ID.

The first of its kind, would be the beginning of the war by the frames

Now, taking up about recording in 4K, mean that would be the first smartphone to possess with that number of frames, all the new chipset from the house, the Apple A10, which have been leaked in recent days benchmarks.

The report also said that the device will have a few cosmetic changes, keep the metal finish on the back, but include just volume buttons on the chassis of the device. Formerly part of the housing, or case, these being likely to suffer when strong impact.

As you may realize, Apple wants out of range again, and since the devices on the market today incorporate a number of features, it is possible that during the event on September 7, something really surprising is presented to the public.

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