Revealed the title of The Walking Dead 3 for iPhone and iPad

Telltale Games, one of the most important companies developing mobile games on iOS and Android has revealed new details about its highly anticipated title: The Walking Dead 3.

During E3 this year, the company already presented the game and shared the trailer for the third season . Today, Telltale has revealed the official title of the same: A New Frontier.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier arrive in November to different platforms: PlayStation, XBox, PC, Mac, iOS, Android ...

The new season is set four years after the start of the zombie apocalypse of the first season. A New Frontier (A New Frontier) will follow the story of Clementine and new character Javier, which also can be controlled by players.

This gameplay is not new Telltale games, in fact, Game Of Thrones is possible to control a large number of characters intertwine their stories with each other.

In the third season of The Walking Dead expect many surprises: a more mature Clementine, a possible romance with Javier relationship, and perhaps even the return of Kenny.

While awaiting the arrival of the third season of The Walking Dead for iPhone and iPad we can get you started with one of the most interesting games Telltale, Batman .
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