Samsung Galaxy Note 7 lots of problems in China. It burns for unknown reasons

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall from all over the world. Except for China and some of which use different battery factory as well. But then he continued to work on the lot seemed to be no problem. Fire for unknown reasons. This information comes from online shopping sites such as which caused its customers.

Blast at China Galaxy Note 7

The event was the 25-year-old girl who ordered from online sites such. (With a receipt) from the injured fingers on both hands. The damage has spread to the MacBook, which was referred to compress the video as evidence.

When checking the IMEI code, I found that not a lot of trouble at all.

Initially, Samsung filed a request for proposals to bring the check back. But the trader refuses to believe that because the company. To offer a real happening. However, netizens have noticed that. Probably due to the use fake charger. But to do it without charging cable clips and pictures of the fire in any way.
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