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Monday, 12 September 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Edge OnePlus 3 Comparison

Have on the table two mobile like Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and OnePlus 3 is a real treat. And luck is lucky. In addition, it is an invitation to compare them face to face, they are two smartphones that lend themselves to it. So, would he resist?

Two high - performance devices, with everything needed to fulfill the desires of anyone, beautiful on the outside and solid construction ... There is no doubt opt for one or the other is a safe choice. So far there since the stop OnePlus 3 sold, but since its distribution resumes on Monday , it is a good time for comparison.

Which to choose? I fear that the dilemma enters the personal. In addition to raising a conflict with the portfolio, Samsung's proposal remains more expensive. But let the price aside and focus on the experience that shed.

Comparison of features

First things first: the virtual duel paying attention to your specifications. Both are top, but the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge stands out for its added.

Samsung Galaxy S7 EdgeOnePlus 3
screen5.5 "Super AMOLED 2K resolution (1440 x 2560 pixels and 534 dpi)5.5 "AMOLED Optic 1080p resolution (1080 x 1920 pixels and 401 dpi)
ProcessorExynos 8990 Octacore 64-bit and 14 nmQuadcore Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 64-bit and 14 nm
GPUMali-T880Adreno 530
internal storage32/64/128 GB UFS64GB UFS
SD cardYes, up to 128 GBDo not
connectivityLTE, NFC, Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi ac, Ant +, GPSLTE, NFC, Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi ac, GPS
Battery3600 mAh with fast charging3000 mAh with fast charging
Rear camera12 MPX with f / 1.7 and mechanical image stabilizer16 MPX with f / 2.0 and mechanical image stabilizer
front camera5 MPX with f / 1.78MP with f / 2.0
softwareMarshmallow Android with TouchWizAndroid Marshmallow with OxygenOS
Dimensions150.9 x 72.6 x 7.7 mm152.7 x 74.7 x 7.4 mm
Weight157 grams158 grams
OthersWater resistance, heart rate and blood oxygen sensor, micro USBState switch, USB type C

Construction, finishes and appearance

Compare two smartphones like these referring only to how they look and feel is complicated. This is a point where more personal impact assessment, although I think the risk in the design also scores. Who would win? The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has a different appearance to others and some features that can not escape the eyes.

Does the OnePlus 3 Worst construction? Not even close. Aluminum entire body, compact, feels very solid and nobody can deny that overflows luxury around every corner. But of course, the beauty of the curved screen is much beauty. And also more manageable S7 Edge: it is slightly smaller. With its defects, such as a rear face of the metal more slippery than his opponent glass.

Both are solid and well finished, but the curve is much curve Edge
From my point of view, the physical button Samsung loses against capacitive OnePlus. In addition, the OnePlus 3 offers a better footprint and unlock with the option of placing the buttons on the screen. The other buttons no fault in both, although the switch OnePlus 3 adds a positive "dot" (I find very handy). That's right: the bulge of the rear camera penalizes both equally.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is more characteristic and risky; the OnePlus 3 bet on classic lines without thereby offering worse construction. Both they denote highest quality, but Samsung best plays its strengths as a manufacturer: accumulating experience in curved screens serves to round that aspect in the Galaxy S7 Edge. In every sense.

Power and performance

This is a key section for two smartphones that target the most demanding public. As is logical, pay a high price (more nuanced in the case of OnePlus 3) involves receiving more power. Without excess distinguished: the two behave at a high level running applications and games.

No major differences in terms of power: with both a full experience is obtained
The Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 wins battle the Exynos 8990 in the benchmarks. It also occurs with the GPU: Adreno 530 vs Mali-T880. The differences are not exaggerated, but enough for the OnePlus 3 highlight something above. But yes: the moment of truth, which is the daily use, I did not notice differences.

Both they move quickly and without ballast is appreciated by system load or layer. It is undeniable that TouchWiz is much heavier than OxygenOS, especially in maintaining processes and apps in the background that the user can not disconnect. But this does not affect a bad experience with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, sometimes the opposite is true: have more functions via software is an added value that OnePlus 3 lacks. It is nuanced and goes according to taste, I know.

For more than TouchWiz has its drawbacks, software provides greater value in the S7 Edge
Yes where no color is comparative screens. Well, yes there is : the colors are much more vivid in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge more clearly in the objects represented. Freckle calibration mismatch with reality in the case of OnePlus 3 something that is solved with the sRGB mode.

The S7 Edge provides the basic mode if more natural colors are desired, but the default calibration not seen too saturated. And the higher resolution is a positive point. Furthermore, we must stress the maximum brightness of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: The screen is perfect even under the sun. The OnePlus 3 does not possess the poor brightness.

No exaggerated differences in terms of connectivity beyond the OnePlus 3 incorporates USB type C (I think here wins). The sound is much better in the Samsung Galaxy Edge S7, particularly with headphones. That 's right: the OnePlus 3 has dual SIM, a real "win" for those who value it . And the S7 Edge provides additional sensors next to the camera flash. Neither has FM radio.

Battery and autonomy

Here are two distinct differences: 3,000 mAh in the case of OnePlus 3 and 3,600 for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. A substantial difference is also seen in daily use: the autonomy of the Samsung is objectively better. Maybe not as much as the numbers indicate because spending with the screen off is less in the case of OnePlus 3, but the Samsung always last longer.

The background processes of S7 Edge detract great autonomy at rest
I have not noticed heating either, not when loaded. Both use fast charge through its own charger, with a clear winner in this field: the OnePlus 3. The DASH load is truly wonderful, certainly one of their best assets. In terms of time, just over 50 minutes for the first and one and a half for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Fast charging of OnePlus DASH 3 has no rival. Point
With neither be feared by the day of endurance, but it will be Samsung who better use the option to continue working the next day. And that spending on "stand by" is incomprehensibly high (too many active processes, as I said before).

Software and applications: different as night and day

No more subjective section in this comparison that the software. There are two possibilities:

  • You Choose Android as pure as possible? There is no doubt, yours is the OnePlus 3.
  • Do you want a phone with more apps and functions? The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge bet for extra TouchWiz equipped, which is a double-edged sword.
As in any comparative influence significantly the view that writes, I will give my opinion: I am left with the Samsung Galaxy Edge The added software S7 consider it a value.. The company researched, developed, engineers took their time creating unique capabilities. The use or not, in the Edge that effort is appreciated by distinguished.

TouchWiz is heavy, but provides greater value Software. And no lag
Not that OxygenOS come lame possibilities that OnePlus bring a few. On and off with double tap, three - state switch option to have the navigation buttons on screen or off ... His appearance is quite similar to stock Android, something that appreciates much of Android users.

Both manufacturers have bad reputation with some updates. As I was with both I found no problems at this point. The two meet in the penultimate stable version of Android is expected to Nougat reach both, although I decantaría before the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that the OnePlus 3.

In the photograph there is a clear winner

And it is none other than the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Seriously, what piece of mobile camera. Quick on boot, in the execution, with an approach that glorifies self and see some pictures with low light are impressive. Interface also stands out for its ability, for its Pro mode and saved in RAW. Perhaps there are too many ways, but the camera is suitable both for perfect shots with a hint as to devote more time to be creative.

Both are excellent shooting, but the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is above
Does the OnePlus 3 a bad camera? Far from it, it is up to the best in Android. But his performance is a couple of notches below his opponent. I have no fault with the collection of catches has given me, and also makes good pictures in low light; but not as fast and offers many possibilities.

Both incorporate 4K video recording, image stabilizer and professional way as said before (with saved RAW and DNG format). Disappoint not as a substitute for a compact camera and can leave them safely lose the best moments. Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge excels. Not too much, but excels.

And the winner is ...

I'll be honest: I seem both overly good. You could put many other adjectives. Fast, beautiful, powerful, able to make you drool just see them on the table or have them in hand ... Okay, this latter is not only an adjective, but I think it defines perfectly what they are able to get someone who loves mobile technology.

The best, not only in Android. By choosing any of them you have smartphone for a while, although both are directed to a different type of audience. Samsung was able to evolve its mobile concept curved making it as beautiful as powerful. And even it has protection from water, a plus that further elevates its note. TouchWiz and is still more expensive, but is also better.

More autonomy, better camera, SD, protection against water ... The S7 Edge plays his cards to win
Having more battery offers peace of mind. Also in the case of photography: the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a real treat when capturing the environment. The OnePlus 3 I much prefer their performance fingerprint or physical switch. In addition to the double internal storage and 2GB more of RAM are a guarantee that endure to last quite some time. But the S7 Edge has option SD card, something to keep in mind.

What is the biggest difference? The price, of course. 400 euros in March OnePlus make this smartphone is almost unbeatable in this segment. Although it must be said that the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge price fell sharply and it is easy to get it for less than 600 euros. Cheaper want it? Points to the S7 standard. Too bad the lower battery affect that choice.

And the winner is ... The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Not by much, but by enough. Always keeping an idea above: the OnePlus 3 will be a choice of either regret you.

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