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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Saving a Web as PDF in iBooks iOS 10

In iOS 10 users now have the ability to print your documents in PDF, but there is another very interesting new trick: save PDFs in iBooks. Fast and easy.

This is a really useful feature when it comes to saving time while surfing the net. While you can save web pages as favorites in IOS 10 you can also save them in PDF format as books in iBooks to get everything more organized.

Here we show, in a simple tutorial, how to save PDFs in iBooks iOS 10.

Saving PDF in iBooks

The first thing you need to do, obviously, is to find a website that interests you convert PDF format to then save it in iBooks .

Once you have found the website that you wanted, you have to press the action button on the top right corner of Safari, the web browser native Apple iPhone and iPad. This button is shaped like a square with an arrow pointing up.

In the action pane button you will find all kinds of extensions applications to share content. All you have to do is look for the "Save PDF in iBooks" option by sliding your finger left on the screen.

After pressing on the extension panel action button you see how the website automatically converts to a PDF file and saved to iBooks as if by magic. We are facing a new feature of iOS 10 has passed quite unnoticed but which is very useful.

On the other hand, and finally, it is also possible (and always has been) save any PDF you find the net with the "Open in iBooks" option that appears in the upper right corner of each PDF in Safari.

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