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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Scratch resistance test glossy black iPhone 7

How expected, the iPhone 7th most requested of all is the spectacular black shiny, but unfortunately, besides having to wait even until November in the worst case to acquire one, Apple has reported that is likely to present micro - abrasions with passing day.

Well, with only 24 hours on the market, we already have available the first test of resistance to scratches iPhone 7 glossy black, which as I said, is not only sensitive to scratches, but also to brands, because with just touch it see reflected our fingerprints.

In it, we can see how to use a key, a coin, a screw and even a cutter, being just devastating result, something that otherwise expected.

Obviously, it is important to note that in the video scratch wanting the device, something no one in their right mind will do with your iPhone, but on the other hand, is a way to see how sensitive the terminal, since the mere contact with a coin or a key stop at least one fully visible mark.

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