Snapseed iOS is updated to version 2.9 with support for RAW -


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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Snapseed iOS is updated to version 2.9 with support for RAW

Google has just made ​​public its new update for Snapseed, its mobile application for photo editing, in its version for iOS, adding lot of improvements, including the long - awaited support for RAW. Now, thanks to this update, you can edit extraordinarily original photo files before being processed.

The development team of Google , said that in Snapseed 2.9, have worked hard to support natively 144 camera models. That said, if you are in possession of any of the supported models, you will have no problem making your photo edits directly on the original image file.

However, this new update does not end there, but also includes improvements at the interface level, performance, and new tools in editing, including a powerful filter faces.
Snapseed - New filters and interface improvements

With this new filter, users can enhance the colors of the different faces shown in the image, using the facial detection, and allowing can modify various parameters, such as softening the skin, modify the clarity of the eyes and enhance the faces.

Now, back to the aforementioned edit mode in RAW, you must use an extra accessory on your iPhone or iPad, specifically, the adapter Lightning to SD, or failing that , connect your device to an SD memory card with Wi-Fi .

IOS users previously had this application with high degrees of limitations, because Google towards greater emphasis on its version for Android. It seems that now, the company wanted to surprise everyone by starting September.

Previously you could only make editing photos in RAW format, through a desktop computer, but today, thanks to Snapseed, has seen the power of mobile devices.

The new version can be downloaded through the App Store, and is completely free, so do not wait, and begins to give the professional touch to your photos in the palm of your hand.

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