Super Mario Run comes to the App Store in the form of stickers for iMessage

Less than one day before the arrival of the final version of iOS 10 Apple has launched a new App Store for its iMessage with games, stickers and applications that may be used within the reapplication of messages. IMessage store is very similar to the App Store and is accessed by clicking on the blue icon that appears to the left of the text box in the talks.

To the surprise of many, Apple has made ​​available to users a new package of stickers Run Super Mario, Nintendo game that will come exclusively to iOS soon and was presented at the keynote last week. In order to download you must have iOS 10, so if you are using the Golden Master version can already get your hands on them.

Super Mario Run comes to the App Store in the form of stickers for iMessage

Although this pack of stickers was announced after the presentation of Super Mario Run on the iPhone keynote 7 must recognize that their arrival has been totally by surprise. The game will not reach iOS devices until next December, but meanwhile we can whet your appetite with these stickers to illustrate our iMessage conversations.

The game will be the classic game of Super Mario with a significant improvement in graphics and changes in the mode of play. Regarding the stickers must say that you'll find Super Mario with different expressions (winking, sad, smiling ...) and in different positions (running, jumping ...).

So you know, from the arrival of iOS 10 to your device you can begin to express your feelings with stickers of Super Mario. And you can also decorate your photos before sending them to the mustache or cap Mario.
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