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Friday, 9 September 2016

Super Mario Run will Android

iOS first. It is one of the drawbacks that have Android, Google is not interested in getting exclusive to our system and most developers prefer iOS bet to get their games and popular applications.

During today's event Apple announced a partnership with Nintendo for which you receive one of the most famous superheroes of all time; Mario.

Super Mario Run is the title of this new game based on the classic graphics New Super Mario Bros. A game sweep on mobile in the same way that it did in consoles. The title is a runner, one of those games to jump and dodge obstacles, let a lifelong Mario although there will be multiplayer option for two.

No doubt a success for Apple, but do not worry because as confirmed to Kotaku, Mario will Android in the future.

"We intend to launch this game on Android devices sometime in the future."

From here we were sure that this would happen but Apple clearly wants to stay with the exclusive and will fight to keep it for the greatest possible number of months. There will have to wait at least until 2017 to download.

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