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Monday, 5 September 2016

Take great pictures with this 4 in 1 lens for your Smartphone

Today take pictures with your iPhone, iPod, iPad or any smartphone or tablet that we have is very normal and we see it everywhere. The problem is when we do something more than just a group selfie or a simple picture of something or someone. Often it is not enough the camera of our device and we would have to resort to something more professional. however we have different options on the market as this lens 4 in 1 works on virtually any Smartphone.

This lens 4 in 1 has a cost of $ 10.87 USD on the site GearBest, just give click here to go to the site and may find this lens with a better offer.

This lens offers 4 types of lenses:

Fish-eye: This may be the most used by the wide - angle photo that allows us to have, allows us to have very creative shots although that depends on us.

Wide angle: This lens is perfect for group photos and landscapes because it allows us to have a more open decision when taking the picture.

Telephoto: This lens allows us to have an incredible zoom when taking a picture, can be very useful for landscape photographs or some distant goal.

Macro: This lens is also a favorite because it allows us to see detail everything this in front of the lens, this lens can really do amazing pictures of anything.

Actually the results of the pictures are very good, best of all, as we have already mentioned, works with smartphones of different brands such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, Motorola, LG, HTC, Xiaomi, etc.

A comparison of similar lenses, this is very good for its cost, the cost is quite affordable compared to others who have a very high sew or some others who are in the same range but offer less quality. Do not forget to enter the page to check the prices and availability GearBest.com

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