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Friday, 2 September 2016

That's what Siri can do in iOS 10

The final version of iOS 10 will be available for all users with compatible devices very soon and will come loaded with new features. And one of the things that changes suffer in iOS 10 will be Siri, the personal voice assistant's mobile operating system from Apple.

IOS 10, the American company has decided to make several changes to Siri, including opening the door to third - party developers to integrate their applications with the virtual assistant. Here we have some of the things you can do with Siri when you get iOS 10. Let's do it!

Siri greatly expand its functions thanks to iOS 10

Thanks to a Sirikit launched by Apple, third - party developers can create a connection with their applications through Siri. In this way, the user could in the future open WhatsApp, send a message, book a trip and much more all directly through Siri without having to open the application.

And thanks to the "Hey, Siri" feature introduced with the iPhone 6s is no longer necessary or touch the device to activate the wizard and give orders. IOS 10 also you can make voice calls through applications like Skype without having to open it.

Another thing that Siri will be able to do with iOS 10 is making fast money transfers using apps like Square Cash or Monzo. On the other hand, Siri also allow you to dictate messages to your contacts or LinkedIn WhatsApp without touching the device.

As you see, the voice assistant Apple is getting better thanks to the changes and improvements that the company has introduced year after year. And certainly, it seems that IOS 10 is to have a fairly significant boost.

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