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Saturday, 10 September 2016

The App Store adds a button Notifications for New Releases

Apple has surprised everyone by announcing that the character Super Mario Nintendo FINALLY come to the iOS App Store.

But this is not all, there is another very interesting surprise. The company has introduced a button on the system of the App Store that allows users to get notifications of new releases.

Previously, pre-launch applications were only available on platforms like TestFlight testing and other third-party apps. But the arrival of Mario has changed everything ...

In the App Store, the new Super Mario game Run not have a "Get" or "Download" button or with its price. Instead, Apple has added a button with the text "Let me know".

Pressing the button, a message saying that the user will be notified when the game 's release is made, that is, when it becomes available in the App Store message.

Notifications appear in the Notification Center of each device, but as Apple has also email users of iOS, you may also notify via email.

Having a new method for developers to provide a "pre-reserve" of applications and games in the App Store is very interesting, and may help combat some marketing problems before each launch.

This is simply one of many changes that Apple plans to include in the App Store. Recall that a few months ago we published that the company improve the system search the App Store and implement new changes.

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