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Monday, 19 September 2016

The Battery Cases for iPhone 7 could Saving Jack 3.5mm

It has not even been a month since the announcement of the new iPhone and the absence of audio Jack 3.5mm. Apple decided to remove from their phones this audio standard used by billions of people every day and can be found in any current smartphone.

There seems to be a common sense of longing and anger among users and the media before removing the audio jack. It is inevitable that remains a convenience, and use Bluetooth adapters or helmets is not attractive for everyone.

You battery cases, the solution?

Some have already sought solutions. A few days ago it featured a post on Reddit in which a user named Dung Johnson showed a photo of a prototype battery cover his brother was developing.

This is just a (rudimentary) prototype, but the fact is that it is very likely that companies like Mophie or Incipio are about to launch its known cases battery for the new iPhone, and possibly have thought about the possibility of including a Jack 3.5mm audio in them.

The reason is especially practical. These cases are usually loaded by MicroUSB because Apple has exclusive Lightning ports to make female.

When the iPhone fits inside the case, it connects to the phone via the port Lightning iPhone. Thus, the possibility of connecting headphones Lightning (for example, those that come in the box when you purchase the new iPhone 7) is discarded.

There's just MicroUSB connection helmets on the market and although it is likely that new battery cases bring the latest standard USB-C, not the market for helmets with this connection is very broad.

Therefore, before using another adapter more to listen to music on an iPhone that is already connected to a cover (it 's amazing that it can be a possible scenario in 2016), hopefully manufacturers choose to include an audio jack in the battery covers, and kill two birds with one stone.

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