The exclusive edition of Game of Thrones awaits you in iBooks -


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Friday, 30 September 2016

The exclusive edition of Game of Thrones awaits you in iBooks

Still for the sixth novel in the saga of George RR Martin 's A Song of Ice and Fire, reached the bookshops, since it is expected to do so in March 2017. However, thanks to iBooks Store , fans of this we can enjoy wonderful creation of new material, including a delicious preview of what's to come in winter winds.

I speak of A Game of Thrones: Enhanced Edition, an exclusive edition for Apple iBooks, which is already available at iTunes . Martin himself has given his opinion to The Guardian on this pleasant surprise, stating that it is "an exciting step in the world of books". In this new digital edition of Game of Thrones we find a world of additional content in which, of course, comes a passage from the expected sixth novel.

And 20 years since it was published the first book in the series, and this issue is not special just for the texts, it is because it offers interactive maps, notes, timelines, family trees, audio clips and more surprises.

"We are entering a new period in publishing history , " are the words of the author of the most successful series in recent years, which focuses on digital books and believes that bring readers the chance to experience what additional content you can provide.

This is something that was not possible until relatively recently, since conventional books can not offer this kind of experience. This special edition for iBooks is a content that does not confuse, but enriches the reading to live a wonderful immersion in the atmosphere of the Seven Kingdoms.

The special digital editions of other titles of A Song of Ice and Fire arrive in the coming months. At the moment, announced that A Clash of Kings will be available in digital libraries from October 27, A Storm of Swords on December 15, A Feast for Crows in February 2017, and A Dance with Dragons in March 2017.

With our iOS devices iBooks and we can enjoy a different form of magic Game of Thrones. The new special editions bring us all the secrets that hide behind the exciting plots of the unique and unrepeatable characters from the masterful pen of George RR Martin, whose ink becomes now digital for us to read in the light of the Seven or the warmth of the Lord of Light.

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