The internal analysis of the iPhone 7 reveals variants with Intel and Qualcomm modems -


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Saturday, 17 September 2016

The internal analysis of the iPhone 7 reveals variants with Intel and Qualcomm modems

A new analysis of the various internal components of the iPhone 7 has confirmed the implementation of an Intel modem. The manufacture of this component is 28 nanometers, has also confirmed the existence of other variants with Qualcomm hardware. Apparently models containing said component Intel, A1778 and A1784 are the models.

Both models belong to GSM operators in the United States as AT & T. Interestingly , it has also been determined, Apple has opted for different types of modems in each variant, instead of universal used for the iPhone 6s. The iPhone models above 7 does not support CDMA signals being outside Verizon or Sprint.

In the other versions with hardware Qualcomm has found a model MDM9645M modem, which has LTE category 12. It is noteworthy that the entire analysis was performed for the version of 128GB, whose memories found are the NAND type, manufactured in 15 nanometers.

The size of the new iPhone chipset A10 Fusion 7 is really awesome

Another of the discoveries that have been made ​​with the internal analysis is the tremendous reduction in size of the new Apple A10 Fusion. It has a thickness of 125 millimeters, which means that really is thin, and may generate less heat levels. Still it has to wait for tests where the chipset put all its potential use.

Now, as to the autonomy of the device, the thing has also improved considerably. The new iPhone 7 has a battery of 1,960 mAh at 3.8 volts, this seems to be if compared to the figures of the previous model, which had 1,810 mAh. However, the reality is that in actual tests, it was determined that the new toy apple has up to 2 hours longer.

Furthermore, in the Plus model, the battery is considerably smaller than in the explosive Galaxy Note 7, and is much more efficient. In this model the capacity has been increased from 2,750 mAh to 2,900 mAh. As you may realize, improvements are substantially good, and worth making the change, especially the power that deserves the new A10.

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