The iPhone 7 AT & T and T-Mobile will not work fully on Verizon or Sprint -


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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The iPhone 7 AT & T and T-Mobile will not work fully on Verizon or Sprint

Once revealed the iPhone in July and initiated its pre-sale process, the following awaits consumers, is to buy the phone through mobile telephonies. Among them, it is AT & T and T-Mobile, the most popular in the United States and other countries more. Both companies have been characterized by offering the latest smartphones, which includes each of which Apple has launched. However, today has revealed an important news, which may not be liked by prospective buyers.

The iPhone 7 acquired from AT & T and T-Mobile will not be compatible with Verizon and Sprint because of the CDMA standards
And, the iPhone 7 are acquired through AT & T and T-Mobile, it seems that will not work in its fullness. Consequently, they do not meet the old CDMA standards, which are used by Verizon and Sprint. The reason for this is because Apple, probably trying to diversify suppliers that use Intel for models from AT & T and T-Mobile.

Apparently, the two models of the iPhone 7 will have this lack of full functionality, they have been identified as the A1778 and A1784. All this information was released by the official website of Apple, specifically in the section dedicated to your iPhone 7 sonde all the specifications that the smartphone has shown.

IPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be available in a variety of colors, which may be purchased during the same period in which the general sales start of the device. What if you change the waiting time are variants possessing the smartphone. While the iPhone 7 256GB probably be available in AT & T and T-Mobile during the September 16, others as the model 158 GB, have a period of much higher hopes, which could be around between 4 weeks or plus.

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