The new technology for Qualcomm dual cameras is based on the human eye -


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Saturday, 17 September 2016

The new technology for Qualcomm dual cameras is based on the human eye

Over the years we have seen how further improvements in photography for mobile phones, wars over who was getting more megapixels, although we know that many megapixels only give a bigger picture, not included sharper. We also see as attempts to increase the focal opening for photos with more light and have witnessed the implementation of HDR, autofocus, recording 4K ...

Now the next step seems to be in the double cameras, something that was in the past with attempts to create 3D camera, HTC One M8 with its dared to implement without much success but this 2016 have come to stay. LG, Huawei (and Honor) and even Apple have taken the step, even you readers preferisteis a dual camera for a perfect mobile . Now is Qualcomm who wants to help the introduction of dual chamber.

Qualcomm Clear Sight, dual camera for better results in the dark

The technology developed by Qualcomm called Clear Sight and works similar to the system adopted by Huawei for P9 way. Both cameras have the same resolution and focal length, but the difference is that one does not capture the color but takes the image in black and white.

Its usefulness is not to take pictures in black and white for upload to Instagram and be the coolest / a social network. When taking a picture only in grayscale a sharper image with less noise in low light than a normal camera since it is able to triple the capture of light is obtained.

At the same time, the other camera takes a picture but identical in color and image processor Qualcomm, Spectra ISP is responsible for joining the two catches in a single image which earns contrast and brightness. As in other cases, Qualcomm has developed this technology so that any manufacturer can implement is compatible with their processors Snapdragon 820 and Snapdragon 821 .

A technology based on the human eye

The mode of operation of this technology is based on our own eyes and no, it is not because we see eye for color and the other black and white, but by how our eyes work inside. In our retinas are the rods and cones. The first are those that capture the colors while the latter are excited by light, allowing better vision in low light conditions.

Qualcomm Clear Sight in one chamber technology plays cones (color) while the other, the role of the rods (black and white). To view the results of this camera system in action have to wait for some manufacturers implement it but in the meantime the closest we have are the chambers of Huawei P9 .

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