The price of the Google Pixel could be 750 Dollar (Leaked) -


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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The price of the Google Pixel could be 750 Dollar (Leaked)

We are a few weeks terminals that Google introduced this year. The first thing to note is that the name change, we will have the Google Pixel instead of the Nexus. Inside we will have more differences, logical on the other hand if you try a few smartphones with a year apart from previous Nexus. But many will think what the price of Pixel? Will there be much change?

This issue little has been said in the various rumors about Google pixel weeks ago we have been seeing. These rather have focused on the physical aspect of the Pixel or its internal characteristics. However, the price of Pixel can be a great novelty, and not just good for our pocket.


According to the latest leaks it seems that the price of the Pixel will be even higher than they were 5X Nexus and Nexus 6P. We already had a lot going on with prices so far are the latest phones from Google . However, as we say, the price of new Pixel could be even higher. Recall that the price of Nexus was initially 6P 649 euros. In fact, although it is true that in other stores can find it at a lower price, the official store Google still those 649 euros as exorbitant price.

Well, if you found it expensive 649 euros for the more powerful terminal of the pair of Nexus last year you will have to bear in mind that, always according to the latest rumors, that is the price of small terminal this year. That is, the May Pixel size could go over 700 euros. What do you think the price of Pixel? Do not you think that when he triumphed over Google with its Nexus was when they had "very affordable" as the Nexus 4 or Nexus 5?

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