The Smartphone of the future Snapdragon 830 with two processors, 12GB of RAM, three batteries of the camera, by 60 Mp

The Finnish company has announced Turing Robotic Industries "мегасмартфон" Turing Phone Cadenza, which can boast of having two Snapdragon processors and 12 GB of RAM. The official launch of the device scheduled for 2017.

Robotic Turing industries will be equipped with not one but two next-generation Snapdragon chips 830. This is explained by the need to increase the amount of RAM, to a record 12 gb. According to him manufacturer, the device will be installed June 2 RAM module.

The smartphone will feature a 5.8 inch screen with resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels. Resolution main camera, which will include up to four image sensor, is 60 megapixels. She is able to record video in 6K resolution Imax. dual front module will have a total resolution of 20 megapixels. The device will support the network of IEEE 802.11 ad (WiGig).

Integrated smartphone unit capacity will be 1 tb. If this amount apparently is not enough, users can install two memory cards format microSD with capacity up to 256 GB each.

Turing Phone Cadenza is expected nanosim four slots for additional cards pack. The manufacturer declares that the three batteries, including графеновый with a capacity of 2400 mAh li-ion 1600 mah battery and power supply of hydrogen fuel cells. The total capacity will be 100 wh.

Turing work Cadenza Phone runs on the operating system OS swordfish. It deserves a mention. It is Sailfish OS variant, created with the use of neural network technology. The operating system with deep learning technology should make use of all system resources for the execution of tasks.

The cost of a monster Robotic Turing industries until they are revealed.
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