The son of a Chinese billionaire bought eight iPhone 7 for dog

Van Сыцун, 27, son of a Chinese billionaire wang , bought eight smartphones iPhone 7 for your dog. Animal pictures with boxes Сыцун put on microblog Weibo (an analog of Twitter), which remains ahead of your pet.

In the network Weibo, where the Siberian husky called keke has its own van has 1.9 million subscribers in the first day of iPhone sales 7 were published their photos with containers, in which supposedly they are smartphones.

Сыцуна father, van Цзяньлинь, - the richest man in mainland China. He is chairman of the board of directors of Dalian Wanda Group, the largest construction company in the Chinese People's Republic. His fortune is estimated $ 14.1 million, writes British Dailymail.

A year earlier Сыцун go with your dog immediately bought two gold watches Apple I cost of $ 12,000 per piece.

The signature of the photos saying, "I have a new watch! They should generally be four because I have four legs. But this seems too vulgar, so I stopped at two, which corresponds fully to my position. And you? "
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