They begin to appear the first apps for iOS 10 in the App Store -


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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

They begin to appear the first apps for iOS 10 in the App Store

While the final version of IOS 10 will start tomorrow in the App Store are already seeing unique applications for the new operating system for mobile devices and that's not all because they are also ahead of the departure of IOS 10 Messages App Store, the exclusive app store messages.

For example, the app Rock-Paper-Scissors , developed by Talkabout Design LLC is available on the App Store and is an application that allows two people to play the classic paper, scissors on the right side of the app messaging stone, however It does not appear in the App Store app dedicated to messages, allegedly launched tomorrow. Other applications for posts as Snappy Browser , are also beginning to be available.

Messages App Store is an app store situated within the messaging application iOS 10 and have access to it by tapping on the icon of the application.

Using the App Store exclusive app for messages, users can install iOS 10 a variety of packs of stickers and applications to improve the app chat messages. The stickers are widely used as emoji but can be animated and go up bubbles chat, photos and more, while applications can do things like provide updates of time, a Safari browser to look at things without using Messages, payments line and more.

iOS 10 offers a number of new features for developers, as well as applications that increase the performance of the messaging app, we will see applications that can take advantage of new features in Maps and support applications that integrate the features of Siri. Expect to see updates of important applications for the remainder of the week, after the official launch of iOS 10.

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