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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Top 15 new jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 9.3.3

On the eve of the review of the final version of IOS 10 MacDigger made a selection of the 15 best jailbreak, Cydia applications. If precisely, it is the most interesting and useful addition to the freshest on iPhone and iPad. Very nice, most of them free.

In selecting worth looking for rookies and veterans jailbreak because the settings with the well recognized functions here, there is a possibility that until They listened, but they are very promising.

In Cydia at this time there are several thousand software settings and complement, and finding applications is sometimes like looking for a needle in стогу sung. To help users understand, MacDigger publishes a selection of the most interesting developments, dated recently.

Top 15 new jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 9.3.3

Login (Home BigBoss, $ 1.99)

The iOS lock screen style in macOS. There are buttons to activate standby mode, restart and shutdown the device.

Discreetify9 (BigBoss, $ 0.99)

Filter notifications based on keywords. It works for any type of chat, social networks and applications.

ArithmaticAlarm9 (BigBoss, $ 0.99)

TWIC for alarm standard on iOS: to deactivate the alarm, the user must decide mathematical example (complexity, is selected in the configuration).

Notum (BigBoss, $ 1.00)

The theme for music control for the iPhone Notification Center. It works by analogy with a control point in iOS 10.

Messages (BigBoss, $ 1.99)

The ability to respond quickly and write a new message iMessage from anywhere in the operating system.

Steps (ModMyi, free)

Comfortable pedometer for those who want to know how many steps and how far through each day.

EventOnAppClose (BigBoss, free)

A new action for the trigger: allows you to assign the execution of a command at the closing of the specific application.

AppDye 2 (BigBoss, $ 1.99)

The ability to customize the colors of the interface elements of iOS in the operating system level.

SkyCalendar (ModMyi, free)

A common schedule for those who need less than навороченное the traditional calendar application. Among other things, the application displays the number of days from today until this date.

Best Tube (ModMyi, free)

Search YouTube music, create playlists and music playback with the streaming in the background.

Amalthea (BigBoss, free)

Minimalist, the volume indicator, the smartphone screen does not overlap.

GIFLock (BigBoss, free)

The ability to install animated GIF image in the iPhone lock screen.

StatusbarVolume (BigBoss, free)

The volume indicator for iOS style a new indicator in the YouTube app.

Bottombar (BigBoss, free)

TWIC carries the iOS status bar with the clock and battery charge towards the bottom of the screen.

Keep On Airplane Mode (BigBoss, free)

TWIC allows the use of Bluetooth and / or Wi-Fi when Авиарежима lights.

NightOwl (BigBoss, free)

Automatically activates Twitter theme night at night.

CustomNC (BigBoss, free)

Deactivate all standard elements of iOS Notification Center.

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