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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Trips Google is now available for iPhone

Now Google has a functionality designed for those seeking to travel. Through this tool, it is possible to obtain information and references about the place they are visiting. This useful feature has certainly been welcomed by many, but one was available for use by computers.

However, Google Trips finally available for iOS platform. That's right, the popular travel assistant, and has its own separate application for the iPhone, and provide users with all the information necessary to ensure a successful trip to anywhere in the world.

Now you can move to Google Trips to anywhere in the world

If you've landed in another country, the first thing to take into consideration is to look for a place to stay. Fortunately, Google will automatically detect Trips hotel reservations, flights and more. Meanwhile, events to be made, or planned activities, can be extracted from the Gmail application, so you can see everything in this convenient application.

Google Trips, will also be calling each of the sites that have considered visiting. This information is collected from other personal references. On the other hand, the application provides very useful recommendations, which indicate which restaurants, hotels and attractions, are the most popular.

You do not accounts with an internet connection? That will not be problem for Google Trips. And, the application has features that do not require the use of data. This is possible thanks to the extensive database that has the app; which allows it to provide all necessary information without relying on the use of Internet.

This excellent travel assistant undoubtedly be of great help for many who do not have many references to the place they are visiting. To download Google Trips, it must be done through the App Store, which is available from today.

Download Google Trips for iPhone | App Store

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