Twitter is updated to Apple TV allowing you to see shows and more -


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Friday, 16 September 2016

Twitter is updated to Apple TV allowing you to see shows and more

Twitter has just been updated to Apple TV and now offers live shows directly, as well as sports and news programs. Any form part of a new company strategy to achieve take off again, after a spectacular fall in its shares. What different videos and TV channels will be available directly on the home screen of the application.

The channel list includes major sports genre as NFL, and NBA; also in the news genre, it includes channels like Bloomergs News; it seems that the company really wants to profit from the use of live broadcast channels, and he is succeeding. According to recent reports, since the application was launched, stocks have had an increase of up to 3%.

Users also watch the videos, they will also enjoy all comments made by community members in real time. Even, you can share live broadcasts to any of their social networks.

The Twitter you knew has changed forever and says hello to live

The application not only was released for the Apple platform, but also have developed versions for Amazon Fire TV and the Xbox One from Microsoft. For that owners of Apple TV will be included in this new application, Premium content for free.

Among other sources for different videos, is the Periscope herself, who has already been working with Twitter; there will also be other material Vines. Best of all is that to enjoy the content, are not required to create an account.

Since the company was taken by Jack Dorsey, many significant changes have been occurring on Twitter. This includes investing in other media, such as streaming video; and last but not least, it has also changed its kind in the various app stores, from being a social network, a news source.

Now, since you know everything deTwittr for the new update brings Apple TV, what are you waiting for ?, download will only need to access the App Store and download it without making any payments.

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