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Friday, 23 September 2016

Unlocking your Mac using your Apple Watch

Apple company is always looking facilitate all things to users, and now with the Auto feature Unlock, have the opportunity to unlock your Mac using your Apple Watch, without typing a password, you should only use the device always in his wrist, ie, the feature ensures fast access to your Mac computer and completely secure.

Auto Unlock operation is quite interesting, because it uses Bluetooth proximity information to determine if the Apple Watch and the Mac are in conditions of mutual independence. But the first thing to do is to set Auto Unlock, and then learn to use it, fortunately, can learn to make these processes using the information then submit.
System requirements to use Auto Unlock to unlock your Mac using your Apple Watch

To use Auto Unlock, both the Mac, as Apple Watch and Apple ID, they must meet a number of requirements for the feature to work properly. The general requirements to be met are as follows:

  •     New equipment or mid-2013 or later Mac MacOS Sierra.
  •     Apple Watch with watchOS 3 or later.
  •     Having an iPhone 5 or more current models with iOS 10 installed.
  •     The Mac, iPhone and Apple Watch team have the same iCloud account.
  •     The Apple Watch should have a code for access.
  •     The user account on your Mac computer must have a password.
  •     Your Apple ID must use the verification code two factors, not two steps. 

In case, your Mac computer was manufactured before 2013, unfortunately this will not be able to use the Auto Unlock feature. After verifying that it meets all the requirements should start with setting Auto Unlock.

Set Auto Unlock to unlock your Mac using your Apple Watch

  1.     On your Mac, go to System Preferences, then you must enter the General Security section and Privacy
  2.     This section must locate and mark the box labeled Allow your Apple Watch unlock the Mac, this option should be at the bottom of the list of options. 

There is a possibility that a window where you will be prompted to create a password for your user account Mac, and will also be asked to enter a password for your Apple ID appears, must also be aware of your Apple Watch apart from your Mac, because the devices begin to associate using iCloud, and at the end will show a message saying on.

If the message goes away once, and the box is checked, then the Auto Unlock feature is turned on.

Using Auto Unlock to unlock your Mac using your Apple Watch

By activating and property, he can only learn how to use it. The truth is not complicated, you should only use your Apple Watch when your Mac wakes from sleep, and voila, you will enter your user account without using a password. Of course, to maintain the safety and comfort of users, when your Mac is unlocking automatically, it will be sent a notification to your Apple Watch.

The process may take a few seconds, and additionally you a window on your Mac that will tell you are accessing using your Apple Watch appears. It is important to mention that when you are away from your Mac, no person may have access to your computer, this is because, as I already mentioned, Auto Unlock uses Bluetooth proximity information.

Problems with Auto Unlock

While performing any of the above processes, it is possible to find some problems, of course this is quite unusual. One of the problems you might encounter is when activating Auto Unlock, because you may, when you want to activate the feature you leave a message that says you can not activate Auto Unlock at that time, or perhaps the box is not seen, this can be solved by restarting the computer.

In case, the box does not appear after you restart your computer, you need to re-verify that you meet the requirements, which was mentioned above, to use Auto Unlock, also should know that Auto Unlock not it can be used on your iPhone.

Another important detail is that if your Apple Watch appears on the website of Apple ID as an untrusted device, Auto Unlock not work for you. This can be solved by unlinking your Apple Watch your iPhone, and then re-synchronize using a backup.

Also , if the automatic logon is enabled on your computer, Auto Unlock not work for you, this option can be disabled in System Preferences, section Users and Groups, find this option should only place to Off or off.

Additionally should consider another detail, you can access your Mac using Auto Unlock when the computer wakes from sleep, but if you restart your computer, or when you switch, you will be forced to enter a password to access your user account , this is because the same design Auto Unlock.

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