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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Using the mobile as LED flash notification

The flash of our mobile can have a lot of uses. Today we are going to teach a method by which incoming calls will be more dynamic. With this tutorial we will learn how to use the mobile as LED flash notification.


Imagine that your phone is silent and vibration do not want to put you or not whole. Then we use the flash to know when we call and noiselessly. Find the utility that you like.

For today's tutorial we will make use of a very good application that will make things easier for us. So we go to the heart of the matter.

  • The first is to download the Google Play Store application Flash Alerts 2 . This will be our tool.

Once installed on our device, what we will execute it. Do not worry if it takes a few seconds to inicicarse, since the first time it is. It takes a while to use the flash of your mobile phone. Once you have executed we asked to do a test, we will take you out. They are a few seconds.

Now that is over, be sure to enable the options for the app to work properly. Specifically we talk about "Incomming call" and "Incomming text". If we do not, the app will not do much.

Once we have done that, we will restart the mobile phone. So that all changes will be saved and can use the app properly.

And with that I hope you have served this article. Remember that we love to read your comments, so feel free to leave your opinion in the box below.

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