Video reveals another piece of Apple Watch 2 LCD screen with some larger battery

New video series from Byte ever released video showing parts Apple Watch 2 screens some size and battery capacity increases this cycle again by a video showing the measured thickness of the thin piece LCD screen and a battery life of Apple. Watch 2

This video was revealed through Youtube by Byte details are measuring the size of the LCD screen with a thin 2.86 mm. Slim Down from Apple Watch predecessors thickness 3.57 mm. For battery of Apple Watch 2 thicknesses. 5.11 mm. Apple Watch than the previous model with a thickness of 3.95 mm.

Suggests that the battery is thicker than the original. This means there is more capacity than originally predicted that Apple Watch 2 will have a power capacity of more than 1.28 WH Apple Watch the original version of the energy capacity was 0.98 WH.

Predicts that increasing the capacity of the battery for longer use Apple Watch. And a GPS chip for improved accuracy in data collection more healthy.
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