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Saturday, 24 September 2016

What does it cost to manufacture each Apple iPhone 7?

You may occasionally ye wondered what the real cost that it costs Apple to manufacture each iPhone, being this time the iPhone 7 the last of the family released so far.

Well, how unsurprisingly, these data have not been slow to appear thanks to research firm IHS Markit, who have dealt with one to one to check the cost of each of its components.

The first thing that draws attention is that the iPhone 7 without port Jack for headphones, is more expensive to manufacture than the iPhone 6s, the latter of 219 € and the new family member Apple of $ 224 .

"The total bill of material costs for the iPhone 7 is more in line with what we have seen in the dismantling of recent top phone range of its main competitor, Samsung, whose costs are higher than in the analysis of previous iPhone . The other things are similar, Apple still has more margin Samsung, but material costs are higher than in the past. "

Thus, if we consider that the iPhone 7 32 GB has a base price of 769 euros in Europe price, Apple would have a range of up to 568 euros per unit sold, but yes, this is not as it as it may seem .

How I said, the accounts are not so easy how to subtract the cost of the product to the official selling price, since Apple has had to invest in research R & D, development of operating system and applications, distribution to stores and even the cardboard box carrying the device inside, so eventually win the amount should be much lower than the 568 euros we mentioned above.

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