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Thursday, 29 September 2016

What model should buy iPhone 7?

A few weeks ago Apple introduced its new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in a spectacular event. But there are so many colors, so many options and so many models to choose from , sometimes decide on one or the other becomes a real mess.

So today in CP you will recommend which model of iPhone 7 is the best to buy, based on the opinions of many consumers and our own experience.

If you are thinking of buying an iPhone 7 take a good look at the possibilities that Apple offers and analyzes in detail all its pros and cons. We have done based on three different aspects: color, storage, and size.

Storage capacity

Now the base space capacity is 32 GB storage because Apple removed the option of 16 GB. And for the first time in history the company has introduced an iPhone with 256 GB of storage capacity. Indeed, 256 GB is too much, even if you are a photographer or a passionate applications is a good alternative.

However, the ideal choice regarding storage capacity is 128GB. 32 GB is fine, but over time this storage space you could fall short.


The choice of color is relatively subjective. To taste, colors, right? But this year Apple has introduced a new color, perhaps that should be your choice. But what is better, Jet Black or Black? Undoubtedly, the Black Mate. The bright color is spectacular, yes, but its surface is scratched very easily. And if you're taking in a case ... you will not wear it.


Should you buy an iPhone 7 or an iPhone 7 Plus? Firstly it is important to note that your choice must be based on what size best suits your hands. Once you have thought well and tested both models at the Apple Store, you should keep in mind that the iPhone 7 Plus is the only model that has dual camera, and that is our choice. If you still think it's too big a model, go for the iPhone 7, also makes great photos.


Summarizing; This is the model that we believe, should choose:

iPhone 7 Plus128 GBMatt black1.019,00 €

This has been our choice. Which is yours?

Of course, the choice of model iPhone 7 Plus Matte Black color and 128GB of storage is a simple recommendation. Each person has their tastes and are sure that you already have in mind your favorite iPhone model ... What would you choose? Would you expect the iPhone 7s?

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