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Saturday, 3 September 2016

What you expect to see in the next event on September 7

Many of us are eager to see what will give us the launch event of the iPhone 7 will be held on September 7. Not only it is expected to see the next generation of Apple smartphones, but is also thought to be given the official launch of Apple Watch 2 and if Tim Cook is good, we may see the new range of Macbooks.

Less than a week after the event, the flagship of the presentation will be the new line of iPhone in July, leaving the other products of the Cupertino company in the background.

Initially, it is believed that the iPhone 7 will include the A10 processor exclusively designed by Apple and manufactured by the company TSMC through the technology of 16 nanometers, which will give the greatest device processing capacity with lower energy consumption unlike A9 its predecessor included in the iPhone 6s.

It is also believed that a better camera module with optical stability for the base model smartphone and another double module exclusive lens for the iPhone 7 Plus model is added.

Apart from this, it seems that finally, the models include 32GB storage base, instead of the 16 GB initials for the times and are not enough (including 32 GB).

This is not all, since there is speculation that the iPhone 7 Plus will include a maximum capacity of 256GB.

On the other, there is the expectation that it will present at the event, the second generation of intelligent watch the Cupertino company. It is believed that the Apple Watch 2 includes a battery 35% more powerful than its predecessor, not necessarily to increase energy durability of the watch, but to maintain the same performance as there are rumors that GPS is added.

Finally, although it is unlikely, it is expected to occur, even progress on the new generation of iPads and MacBooks, but this is only an assumption and therefore have to wait until the event date.

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