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Friday, 23 September 2016

WhatsApp is in danger, Google Allo Has Come

WhatsApp is the undisputed leader of instant messaging is a reality. But there are other applications that, despite not having the huge amount of millions of users using WhatsApp, very interesting offer similar services and features, as is the case Telegram , iMessages or Facebook Messenger .

In this regard, Google had been relegated to a fairly distant position, Hangouts has not enjoyed the success of others and that is why it is changing course to focus more companies.

But the Mountain View giant does not give up and wants to compete against the big, new applications with Google Duo and Google Allo . The first offers services for video calls, with a renewed style and some unique features. In the case of the second, Google Allo, comes face to face for the titan WhatsApp.

Comparison Google Allo vs WhatsApp

Google Allo newcomer can boast of being intelligent messaging application. Among its most attractive spots is the answer through its learning system with artificial intelligence, a function that makes use of Allo different from WhatsApp.

google AlloWhatsApp
Text and voice messagesYesYes
callingDo notYes
Video callsDo notDo not
Share filesDo notYes
StickersYesDo not
GIFsYesDo not
Group chatsYesYes
chats secretsYesDo not
Read replyYesYes
Desktop version or otherDo notWeb
Bots thirdgoogle AssistantDo not
systemsiOS / AndroidiOS / Android / Windows Phone

The application learns of our responses in the talks in order to offer sound suggestions and give us the convenience of not having to write if you do not feel like, since it integrates the function of quick responses; just press and answer. The artificial intelligence of Google Allo allows you to recognize who appears in the photos, a look at what WhatsApp has nothing to do at the moment.

It also offers the possibility to search for anything that comes to mind without having to leave the app, simply mention "@google" and we can enjoy the advantage of using the search for excellence from within the conversation in which we are .

As for security and privacy, Google Allo has encryption end to end, as with WhatsApp, but also has an "incognito" that works with private notifications and the ability to send messages to expiration, something that does not integrate its rival . When we are in a private chat, we can not take screenshots.

With Google Allo we can expand and shrink the text we will send, plus it has a catalog of stickers that have been designed specifically for release and also comes with GIFs expressive. These features are not yet present in WhatsApp, at least not as we wish they were integrated.

A point that WhatsApp it is impossible to integrate as Google Allo, is the new voice assistant giant Mountain View, released from the hand of this new application. Google Assistant offers a unique and simple from each of the conversations interaction, which means that while we chat with someone also can look up information.

In short, the conclusion after meeting Google Allo, is that it is a much more elaborate and complete application WhatsApp, with the factor of artificial intelligence that is a point to be taken into account and that surely will bring many new features to the new Android messaging father.

But there is another very important factor and we must not forget, WhatsApp has a popularity difficult to match and millions of users who probably will not give up the convenience and simplicity it offers. That is something against which Google Allo must deal from today, as with Google Duo, almost identical to FaceTime alternative . The good news is that we have a new option to choose from. The dilemma is served: the popularity of WhatsApp or Google Allo intelligence What do you like most.?

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