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Friday, 23 September 2016

WhatsApp plans to add a Passcode

WhatsApp is and will remain the most popular application of IM and used the planet, whatever you do Google Allo in the coming months. Not long ago, WhatsApp protected conversations of its users by encryption end-to-end (end to end or point to point) with all chat was outside anyone else who was not in it. Now. WhatsApp goes one step further.

Although WhatsApp and Facebook want to share certain data of its users, the fact is that they do for our own good, to improve the experience of all of us in day to day and thus offer tailored results each. The company purchased some months ago by Mark Zuckerberg wants offers increased by including a lock code to your app protection.

How has leaked this

This feature has been discovered by a team of translators who helps translate WhatsApp application to specific languages. So if you are one of those obsessive security people, your iPhone will be more protected from now on at least private- your conversations.

Currently, we can unlock our iPhone and iPad using fingerprint plus a password or password if you do not want to use our finger. However, some sensitive applications such as WhatsApp require a new protective layer. A welcome feature by many users.

Objective: The safety of users of WhatsApp

WhatsApp could be working on an update to ensure our conversations with a 6 - digit code. Translators who have leaked the news said they read some as "Enter the current 6 - digit password," "The code does not match" or "Enter the email recovery".

It is not yet clear whether this option to use a 6 - digit password is either mandatory or not, but it looks like WhatsApp suddenly stepping up with security issues in your app, perhaps forced by the pressures of users who see other industry as Telegram, do offer this extra service. Nor have sure if WhatsApp include fingerprint or iris reader in your security system in the future.

At the moment, we can not guarantee that this news can refer to a public update, and we may be facing a developer version involving greater security. At least we know that WhatsApp is exploring some options to make your app more secure than ever.

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