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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Why 7 Generations iPhone is still better than any Android?

After 7 generations of iPhone for 9 years, Apple's phone continues to offer a fully integrated experience of hardware and software and a leader in sales to any of the manufacturers that install Android on their devices. The presentation of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus has made ​​the world see that rival today there is.


Buy an iPhone is guaranteed to have a functional, updated and supported operating system with new applications or uses for at least 4 years. IOS, the software that Apple installs on iPhone, iPad and iPod, it is upgraded to a new version every year and offers the possibility of free upgrade their devices.

Every year is usually left out the older device that was compatible with the latest update (this year it is the iPhone 4s), but iPhone 5, introduced in 2012, itself will be upgraded to iOS 10. No doubt, buy a iPhone is guaranteed to have the latest software for a long time.

You can not say the same for Android phones. One of the most sensitive issues of the platform Android is its huge fragmentation. Unlike Apple, which can design and refine their software to significantly reduced equipment family, Android runs thousands of different phones, and needs a lot of work coding to adapt the operating system to each of them.

This causes very few manufacturers take time to create the need to update their phones to new versions of Android code, and if they do take up to a very valuable time in an industry that is constantly renewed.

iOS 10 could start downloading last September 12, and this tweet ironically sums up the situation ahead of its competitor Apple regarding this aspect.


- Not Jony Ive (@JonyIveParody) September 12, 2016


The design of the new iPhone 7 can be continuo, and media and many users say that Apple is losing the battle in the aesthetic section with manufacturers like Samsung. However, the first iPhone that Steve Jobs showed the world led the design language of the smartphone to box with glass screen we see today. Apple has been showing a sober design and some materials elegant construction that have always been in the view of other manufacturers.

Without going any further, Samsung began to use glass to the back of their phones last year, the same material used the iPhone 4, launched in 2011.

But where it really Apple's design takes advantage is in how incredibly identifiable is its appearance. The glass box with a circle in the lower region has become the universal symbol for a mobile phone. In addition, many rumors suggest a radical change in appearance of iPhone for 2018. Will he return to have a revolutionary design?


Is recurring and listen to Phil Schiller, Apple vice president of marketing, said in each presentation in September that Apple iPhone is the best camera that has many people throughout his life.

One of the results of the smartphone revolution has been to have a camera always in your pocket, and photo and video sharing apps like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or Whatsapp is available to everyone. iPhone has always been ahead of its competitors in the Android photographic appearance, but in recent years manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Sony and Huawei will come on the heels.

This year Apple has taken another step forward. It has improved its focus sensors with f / 1.8 and added optical image stabilization in the 4.7 - inch iPhone 7. But the best has left for the iPhone 7 Plus, with two photo sensors to change the zoom and software features that will come in the fall.

In addition, ease of use and the natural result of photographs and videos taken with iPhone do that for many is their most comfortable and better quality camera.

Few products, well known

If we look iPhone sales, many consumers Apple seem to follow the doctrine of "less is more" Steve Jobs defended. The iPhone line usually has far fewer devices than other families from other brands. This is what makes the user know what to expect and you can choose your phone between models that can be counted on the fingers of one hand (or two).

Apple constancy in their production habits assure the user that will not buy a model that will be discontinued or left forgotten the next month.

This simplicity is also applied to Apple software. IPhones do not come loaded with third - party applications or operator on duty, whereas if you buy an Android phone, depending on where you purchase may come with one or the other unnecessary applications that take up valuable memory on your phone.

For these reasons, iPhone in our view is still today a more solid product than most Android phones. Of course there will be camera phones with better features, Android stock can be for many people a better software experience (as in Google's Nexus), and who will not support the iPhone design takes keeping all this time.

However, iPhone provides reliable and efficient experience in every aspect that a good smartphone must meet, and that makes him the most solid choice in the market.

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