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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Why the iPhone 7 Do not Need higher resolution

Screen iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is not only the best that Apple has created to date, but also one of the best in the world of technology. It is spacious, bright and full of colors. All this said by experts.

In this article we tell you why the new iPhone 7 does not need a higher resolution to be one of the best if not the best screens on the market.

"The best screen we've ever had"

That's what the experts have said the company DisplayMate , which are responsible for analyzing much of the screens coming to market, whether tablets, phones or televisions.

After many tests have determined that the iPhone display screen 7 is the best they have seen. This is not only because of the high gloss that has the panel, nor for its beautiful and vivid colors, but also by many other factors that make this screen call so much attention.

A screen very close to perfection

  • Colors. According to DisplayMate, the iPhone 7 features screen "more accurate we tested for color refers" which can be found in a wider range than any previous iPhone This screen, analysts say, has a variety of colors that could be found in any 4K monitor, which is very surprising when we think of 1334 × 750 with screen counts.
  • Reflectance: It has also been discovered that the iPhone screen 7 has only 4.4% reflectance, making it the lowest it has registered the company on a mobile device. However, between all terminals of Apple, the reflectance on the iPad Pro it is even lower, as it is 1.7%.
  • Brightness: The display, in addition to being the best in color and contrast, also has a brightness that surpasses even promised by Apple Analysts have found that the behavior of the screen of the new iPhone 7 is better than they had anticipated. even in very bright situations, and it is also known that more than 705 nits that Apple had secured.
  • Contrast ratio. The iPhone 7 features a contrast ratio of 1,762, which is 26% more than Apple considered normal at its terminals, which is 1,400 iPhone 7 has the contrast ratio greater than one can find on any screen LCD IPS.

No doubt this is one of the biggest surprises of the mobile arena. The new iPhone 7 has a 720p display, yet has managed to beat all records so far. Certainly in design and technology issues, Apple is one of the great leaders in the market.

We had already seen with previous models, which did not need to have a resolution too high to be truly amazing screens .

What do you think what you said DisplayMate? Leave your comment below!

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