Your iPhone or iPad will not turn on? Try this -


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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Your iPhone or iPad will not turn on? Try this

If your iPhone or iPad display a black screen and do not react before stimuli, do not panic yet we bring you four tricks that can make resurrects. You can make these tips before going by helicopter to the nearest app store, because it would be too much drama; the truth.

Whether the iPhone or iPad more new or old, do not worry, these methods are transverse to the generations; even if your iPhone or iPad have taken a bath can assure you will not get revive him with these tips (unless it is a iPhone 7).

Revive your iPhone or iPad

Recharge, until ...

The most common cause of the black screen of death, is that the battery has been drained for no apparent reason, had not even seen the battery icon turn red. But for it to recover from this not only you need to charge it for a standard time, but throughout the night; 12 or 8 hours.

Resetéalo with once sufficient

To carry it out you must press the release button and the Home button simultaneously. Touch and hold until the Apple logo appears.

I restart it

A black screen may mean that the iPhone or iPad is on but the screen does not work. In this situation force a restart can be of help.

  1. Press the release button until the icon appears off.
  2. Slide it and wait for it to go.
  3. Turn on your device again.

Recovery mode

If these solutions have not been for nothing, you still have a solution: force recovery mode iPad or iPhone to restore and reset its factory settings. Doing this will erase all your data, but you can recover a backup.

To put the iPhone or iPad in recovery mode you must follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the device is turned off.
  2. Keep a computer with the latest version of iTunes.
  3. Click the Start button while you connect the device to the computer. Continue pressing the Start button until the screen appears to connect to iTunes.
  4. Release the Start button.
  5. iTunes will open automatically, it will warn you that it has detected a device (iPhone / iPad) in recovery mode and you can restore it. Agrees to restore it.

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