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Saturday, 8 October 2016

10 Interesting Facts about Apple as a company

Recently he revealed that Apple is again the most valuable company on the planet. Everyone knows their new iPhone and iPad, but there are many details that are beyond our knowledge.

In this article we present 10 curiosities that probably did not know about Apple as a company. Did you know that they got to sell T-shirts in 1986? Or that Steve Jobs got into an aquarium the first iPod to show that air contained inside?

Without further ado, let's begin!

10 things about Apple that perhaps were unaware

1. Apple has more than 115,000 employees worldwide.

2. Apple sold an average of 340,000 iPhone a day in 2012.

3. Currently Apple is the world 's most valuable company.

4. There are more than 475 Apple Stores distributed in 17 different countries.

5. All iPhone commercial spots show 09:41 am ET, the precise time when Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone.

6. Philips and RealNetworks rejected the idea of the iPod.

7. Steve Jobs got the first iPod in an aquarium to show that there was air inside the device and could be even smaller.

8. Statistically, you have more chances of getting into Harvard than in the Apple Store.

9. Apple Macbook battery is bulletproof.

10. Apple sold a clothing line in 1986.

What did you think these tidbits about Apple as a company? Which of them has surprised you the most?

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