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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

10 Reasons to Install iOS 10 on your iPhone and iPad

Apple made the launch of iOS 10 almost a month ago in fact, the company has already released several updates correcting problems and improving system stability.

A couple of days from iPadizate, we showed you 5 new tricks and 5 hidden features of iOS 10. Today, we will bring you 10 reasons to install iOS 10 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

On the other hand, we understand perfectly all our readers who wish to stay in iOS 9 or to enjoy the Jailbreak, or not to lose stability on your mobile device Apple.

10 reasons to switch to iOS 10

1. Redesigned

The main reason for installing iOS 10 should be the introduction of the new design. There are many elements of the user interface have been renewed over previous versions: Control Center , Notification Center , Widgets , Lock Screen ...

2. Sending messages via Siri

Now with iOS 10, you can send text messages dictating to Siri, but not only in iMessage. We may also do so in Telegram , Skype , WhatsApp , Messenger, and so on . But it also has other advantages in integration with third-party apps as you'll see in the following video:

3. New Posts

Messages application received major changes in iOS 10 : Stickers, Digital Touch, freehand drawings, App Store integrated chat effects, rich links ... A great incentive to switch to iOS 10.

4. Split View in Safari

If you have an iPad support multitasking, you'll love knowing that iOS 10 allows users to navigate on two websites simultaneously to interact with the contents of several pages at once in Safari.

5. Panel Music Control Center

On the other hand, if you have an iPhone, a good reason to switch to iOS 10 is the introduction of the new panel of Music to play audio from the Control Center. Since the buttons are now larger and easier and intuitive playing content.

6. New Photo

The iOS Photos app 10 ha including some other interesting change. Not only it presented the new "Memories" section but also has improved facial recognition.

7. Notes Collaboration

IOS 10 users can share and edit notes with friends and / or relatives. Thus, it is possible to collaborate in real time by adding and editing online content.

8. Remove native applications

We have spoken at length on the subject of IOS 10. It is true that it is a benefit that should have been present for some time, and it is also true that native apps are not deleted , but are "hidden", but no longer a great incentive to install iOS 10.

9. Acceleration System

It is likely that this new change is not appreciated on all devices, but since CydiaPlus have noticed a significant improvement in the speed of opening applications. Do you guys / as so you noticed?

10. New emoji

Finally, Apple has modified and added new Emoji smileys in iOS . 10 have a 3D look very different, but this will end up liking some and disliking others.

And in regard to you, what you like best new iOS 10?

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