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Monday, 3 October 2016

12 projects that will make Google in the largest operator in the world

Google is much more than a search engine, we already know for some time. His attempts to cover all information are numerous and ambitious but not always have the results they expected. In recent years we have seen that one of the desires of Google is to expand the internet and even be themselves who offer access.

With all these projects the big G is on track to becoming an operator in its own right. It is not surprising that Telefónica, Vodafone and other operators are so nervous before the advance of technology giant. We like technology advances and available to as many users, but is in the hands of a single supplier is delicate.

Let's do a review of 12 projects that Google has in his hands to become themselves who provide internet access and regulate telecommunications.

google Station

We started with the last project presented a few days ago in India. This is Google Station , with the seeker intends to use all train stations to offer WiFi thanks to the existing 20,000 miles of fiber optic cable. So far 50 stations have signed and will double its number to the end of the year.

In the US Google has a partnership with Starbucks to offer WiFi, another connection that could join these Google Stations.


Google Hangouts will be replaced gradually by Allo but we must bear in mind that its functions go beyond simply being a messaging app. Hangouts app intended to replace the phone and in fact there Hangouts Dialer that allows us to call VoIP, renovation of the old Google Voice.

With all the restructuring of services that take into Google we do not know how it will end this service but we do not doubt that voice calls over the Internet will play an important role.


In addition to voice other services are intended to replace and renew the SMS. Google bought Jibe Mobile to develop the new RCS (Rich Communication Services) standard. It would basically equivalent to the messages of life but with the advantages of apps messaging such as groups, sending photos, locations ... a breakthrough that some operators tried to create unsuccessfully .

Google OnHub

OnHub is one of the most interesting devices Google in recent times though as most of these initiatives he has been relegated to a particular region, in this case the US. We are facing an intelligent router in collaboration with TP-Link.

google Wifi

If OnHub is a more ambitious project will be interesting Google Wifi, a product that looks like the successor of the former. Will have a set price, you can extend the signal of domestic wifis and is an example of how Google works to become the architects of our telecommunications.

Fi Project

The clearest project to show how Google is becoming operator is part of Project Fi . We have a data plan to connect either in the US or roaming. Unlimited calls and SMS, mobile Nexus grant and competitive rates.

google Fiber

Google Fiber has 70,000 customers spread in different US cities can enjoy their connection 1Gbit / s, and other advantages as 1TB of Google Drive space. Certainly a very ambitious plan that complements monthly offered for mobile with Project Fi. The project falls under Alphabet since its distribution is slow and expensive.

Project Loon

We continue to advance projects Google to expand internet access in all regions. From alliances with countries like Cuba to the Project Loon balloons. These balloons provide coverage up to 100km radius. A fantastic project that want to expand around the globe (never better).

Project Skybender

In the same division Alphabet Project Loon we found, we have the new Project Skybender. It is a similar initiative to expand internet but this time with aerial drones solar - powered. Unlike balloons, these drones transmit to 28GHz to provide high-speed connections 5G.

Project Link

There are places where direct Google is creating its own fiber network, not as powerful as Google Fiber but powerful to provide internet to thousands of homes. Project Link is present in the city of Kampala, Uganda. And it will expand to Ghana. No one better than Google to understand the potential of a connected user.

Sidewalk Labs

In addition to creating fiber networks in Alphabet working on projects like Sidewalk Labs to create authentic Smart Cities. Cities connected through autonomous cars, intelligent streetlights, connected networks ... is a broad initiative that does not fall only under the protection of the seeker but highlights all efforts to transform society through technology.


Up to 3000 million dollars could be spent Google to send hundreds of small satellites in earth orbit to provide Internet. Located about 8000km tall with a weight of about 500 kg, they would be manufactured by O3b company already engaged in this and now receives investment from Google.

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