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Sunday, 16 October 2016

5 Reasons older iPhone users should upgrade to iPhone 7

Appleinsider reports tech news sites such as Youtube's videos through the media revealed the five reasons why older iPhone users should upgrade to iPhone 7 in view of the applications themselves. Each reason is what to watch out.

1. IP67 waterproof great.

This creates the impression that the review it. The video appleinsider has revealed that this feature will allow users to be assured that the iPhone 7. The machine will not be damaged if you use a rain splash or fall compared to the previous generation iPhone, iPhone 7 waterproof do better, of course.

2. The camera and image stabilization.

Camera for iPhone 7 shooting definition camera, not behind it. The rear camera has improved the clarity and quality imaging in low light has improved. And image stabilization system helps the camera back better than ever.

3. Speakers round

Review the information that Watching videos or listening to music with the iPhone 7 could very well suited for those who want to watch videos or listen to music without headphones. With features like stereo surround speakers. Sound resonate even louder voiced pleasure of listening to the media.

4. the light of the screen.

IPhone 7 primary screen color display clearly. As well as managing the brightness of the light that is in the environment of a normal light and adjusts the screen brightness is increased, it will be bright. If you live in the dark and then to adjust the brightness, the screen brightness is shown as well. Not too bright, not too dark

5. Battery life

A review of the data that the iPhone 7 A10 chip battery management quite well. The video has been revealed that if Allah tea battery is fully applied on a daily basis throughout the day. When the battery is also home to 10% without charging during the day.

5 reasons for such a review is a review of the site appleinsider only the decision to buy or upgrade to iPhone 7 requires other factors. The decision by Whether funds Feature Implementations Or most users will be so. So those who are considering purchasing should consider various factors. Give your iPhone 7 and the provider is reliable.

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