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Thursday, 6 October 2016

5 Secrets To take advantage of Siri

Apple's virtual assistant's birthday, five to be exact. Unless you've had a good time talking to him (or her in some cases), you will not know all of what you can do (especially with the arrival of iOS 10). Here we explain 5 Secrets and functions useful for take advantage of Siri.

Siri is becoming more complete, and gives a very natural results, getting closer and closer to this natural and intelligent relationship we want as a user have with our devices.

Changing settings

Speaking to Siri can "disable Wi-Fi", "activate the Bluetooth" or "activate airplane mode" among other things. Have access to change most settings instantly, some useful, like "change the brightness of the screen , " You can always ask Siri "open settings" but most of the functions are easier if you open with the voice.

Alarm and clock

If you want to go for a nap, Siri is your best ally. Suffice to say , "Wake me in 30 minutes , " At that moment the assistant Apple automatically configure the alarm to sound 30 minutes later, which changes the way set alarms on your iPhone.

sports consultations

If you want to see how's your favorite Spanish soccer team, just ask Siri naturally, for example: "Siri, as the Spanish League will" siri-sports You can also ask "what time playing Real Madrid", "what time Barcelona plays" and no problem, Siri will respond to you and to your local time.

Find restaurants in your area

No need to ask Siri about restaurants or eating at specific sites, you can use commands like "Chinese Food in Madrid", "Barcelona Pizzas" and Siri will search the places closest to you, and enjoy!

see Twitter

Since a few years ago iOS and Twitter are integrated, and in this case Siri was not far behind. You can find "what is trending on Twitter," which will be useful to know the trending topics of the moment, or look for what they say specific accounts. For example, "What's Twitter iPadizate? Say". We note that we have to give permission to Siri to have access to our Twitter account.

We may have overlooked some functions that also have relevance , you may be able to meet other useful or perhaps unknown functions, I invite you to comment on them .

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