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Friday, 7 October 2016

A future update will allow GO capture rare Pokémon Pokémon easily

Niantic just announced that a future update will allow GO capture rare Pokémon Pokémon more easily, but yes, not everything looks as nice as it looks.

As it announced by the company, when we capture a certain number of Pokémon of the same type, will receive a medal with a bonus capture, allowing capture these Pokémon more easily.


We want you to see something that very soon will join Pokémon GO. We've added a new feature that will ensure you achieve a goal of catches achieved when you may gain new badges Pokémon (Prendefuegos, Medium, gardener, etc.). With these new goals achieved catches you will have a greater opportunity to capture that kind of Pokémon. For example, as go up in level to receive the Insignia Prendefuegos, your goals achieved by capturing Pokémon catch fire, like Charmander, the Vulpix and Ponyta also increase.

Coaches can level up capturing many Pokémon of the same type. If a Pokémon has several types, catch your goals achieved will be the average of your catch for each type of Pokémon. For example, Pidgey is both a regular guy and flying type Pokémon. Your goal catch would be achieved in this case the average catches between normal type and flying type.

Take advantage of your new goals achieved catch and soon begins to capture more Pokémon. "
Moreover, Niantic has also reported that the method would level up more easily, so although they have not specifically mentioned, most likely receive extra experience to complete each medal.

What do you think the news that arrive in a few days to Pokémon GO? Are you still enjoying the game how from day one?

Pokémon GO is available free and universal.

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